Profitable, stable individual/organisation

Physical Manifestation

Idea Generation




What are my core values?

What are the values of the organisation?

How do my values support idea execution?

How does the values of the organisation support idea execution?

How do my values/the values of the organisation contribute to sustained appropriate actions and behaviour? 

What do I exist to do?

What does the organisation exist to do?

What is my well-defined strategy?

What is the organisations well-defined strategy?

How do I/the organisation keep consistent focus on the long-term strategy while operating day-to-day?

What needs do I serve?

What needs does the organisation serve?

What are my goals and milestones?

What are the organisations goals and milestones?

How do I/does the organisation ensure and track adherance to goals and milestones?

What are the components contributing to an Effective Governance system?

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